Online Campaign Marketing For Polticians

by admin on May 22nd, 2012

Everyone feels the urge to be promoted. May it be company owners, industry experts, celebrities, academicians, actors, and the latest to join this bandwagon are the politicians. And why not, if they are running for elections or wish to retain their current supporters, it is very important for them to ensure the right kind of publicity is done. With the advancement in promotion techniques, the internet is now one of the major sources of easy and lucrative political promotion.
Many politicians today have their own site. There are specific PR individuals who monitor this site or the project is handed over to professional online marketing executives who chalk down a promotion plan. Promoting an individual, in this case a politician is not the same as promoting a company. One must understand that just like the company has certain features about itself, the politician too has certain aspects that could affect them in the longer. However, a striking distinguishing aspect about them is that politicians work for the people whereas companies offer products and services to the people. Therefore, the ad campaign for a company cannot be the same as an ad campaign for a political figure.
Online PR professionals have a predefined plan for an online campaign for a political figure. They firstly make a website for the political figure which can be featured in handouts or other print material that can be distributed. Thereafter they start making social media pages and blogs wherein the work of the political figure can be featured. The work could be in the form of pictures, videos or plain text explaining the political figure, the work done before opting for the current elections, the political related aspects that make him or her an ideal candidate for the said election or even the objectives the particular political figure has in mind, after winning the current election.
While promoting a political figure on the internet it is very important to ensure that there is no bad publicity generated through any of the promotional campaigns. More than the initiatives to promote the politician it is important to ensure that the political figure does not have any bad PR generated. For this it is very important that the online PR executives have a clear idea of the political figure and what are the major aspects that make him or her bankable.
The outcome of the online marketing campaigns is not limited to a particular time-frame. Considering the client being a politician, who evidently is in the public eye on an on-going basis, it is essential to ensure that the online marketing campaign is maintained on an on-going basis as well. Professional political websites generate an effective appeal from the masses. It is very important to leverage this effectuality of the internet, build supporters and followers and retain them as well.
If you are handling an online political campaign, you must understand that promoting the politician or a political party in particular is no different that managing a brand.